Restricted. Internal training for NNLM staff. 

This course is limited to NNLM Staff. Contact to request enrollment. 

This is the place for NNLM Staff to learn about NNLM resources, tools and workflows. New staff can use this as a self-paced orientation to the Network of the National Libraries of Medicine. Topics include: Cultural Humility, Key NLM Products, Learning Object Repository, WebEx.  

Updated April 2021 by the NNLM Training Office. For 2021-2026 Cooperative Agreement.

2021-2026 Training foundations for NNLM coordinators.


Learn how to  fix common 508 accessibility issues in Adobe Acrobat in this self paced tutorial that uses worksheets and guided answers. Use the enrollment key tables to enroll. Created by Rebecca Brown, May 2018, 

This course is limited to NNLM Staff.