Restricted. Internal training for NNLM staff. 

This class uses an enrollment key to access the class. Please register at to get self-enrollment key.

This course is for NNLM All of Us Community Engagement Network staff. The purpose is to build knowledge, practice using and personalizing the talking points and national message. This is to ensure a unified and accurate message. 

This course is designed to support any NLM staff member to understand the basics of using Moodle by through hands-on practice with various tools. 

This course serves as part of training for new staff,  as well as a resource for NNLM staff to explore at time of need.

This course created by the NNLM Training Office. Updated April 18, 2019. 

Contact with questions and/or how to enroll. 

This is the place for NNLM Staff to learn about NNLM resources, tools and workflows. New staff can use this as a self-paced orientation to the National Network of Libraries of Medicine. topics covered include: Accessibility and 508 Compliance, Branding and Style Guides, Cultural Humility, KEY NLM Products, Learning Object Repository, WebEx best practices, Class Guidelines. Updated January 16, 2019 by the NNLM Training Office. 

This is the place where NNLM Staff can learn about NNLM resources and record Ongoing Training. This class uses an enrollment key to access the class. Contact if you require access. Created May 29, 2018, Updated February 1, 2019 by the NNLM Training Office.